Kimray-Metal Adopts Environment Management Accounting and Sustainable Development

2014/6/19 9:50:44

Franco FU, Managing Director of Kimray-Metal


A pollution haze weather appears very frequently in China today, the government initiated a comprehensiveactions to control the adverse trend and to reduce it in near future. As a manufacturer with high energy consumption, Kimray-Metal is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental implication of production actions.

Management accounts provides us with an analysis of the performance of the business. However, traditional accounting system is unable to deal adequately with environmental costs.  For example, Kimray-Metal should pay extra USD$ 21.000 every month due to government new policy on 315kwa transformer control. Besides, most of our products are under special surface treatment which involves a lot of processes with high pollution. 

Therefore, Kimray-Metal adopts Environmental Management Accounting which would definitely helpful for sustainable development. The overall frame of Kimray-Metal's environmental management accounting as follows:

-Estimates and indentifies the environment-related costs and seek to control those costs

-Indentifies and separately monitors the usage and cost of resources such as electricityŁ¬steel material, water, chemical material, and etc.

-Benchmarks activities against environmental best practice.

The environment management accounting is not all on financial cost, but it also considers the environmental cost or benefit of any decision made. We think more and more environmental-related activities will be involved in our business. Therefore, it is really crucial to control them and obtain competitive advantages in the global market.



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