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As a professional manufacturer of lifting and connecting hardware, Kimraymetal has been operating successfully and expanding the business range rapidly over last decade. International customers cover 68 cities in 27 countries and still increasing. Kimraymetal provides an extensive range of quality products to the customers from industry to industry, such as mechanical engineering, agricultural machines, auto industry, construction industry, shipyards, out-door decoration, screw and hardware industry and etc.





Our main products contain carbon steel rigging hardware, stainless steel fittings and concrete lifting hardwares. The quality concept take first priority at Kimraymetal, and professional service with high price competitiveness offer you best satisfaction. In addition, with the innovated CNC-controlled forging production lines and rich professional experience, Kimraymetal also offer service for customers' specific needs. 



Benefit from Kimraymetal:


- High Quality Reliability
- High Availability on Extensive Range of Products
- High Price Competitiveness
- Specific Solutions



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